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by Dull Ax

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released March 4, 2013

Recorded and mixed by Charlie Rumfola
Mastered by Jay Zubricky at GCR Audio
Album art by Devin Jeffery

Thanks to The Football Team Captain, Tyler Bursee for letting us steal his graduation present for so long. Also, thanks to Cody Wight for being Cody Wight.

This one is for Cullen.



all rights reserved


Dull Ax Buffalo, New York

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Track Name: Song #1
I feel like I just woke up to a dream
Where I can't breathe, but its real
The things we reach for but we never hold
The closer we seem the further we are

From ever feeling complete
Where's your honesty?

How can you stare right through me
I just want to be visible
Behind the walls we build up
We're trying to be set free

When you lie I can hear it in the way you speak
Your smile, your voice, so welcoming
But I can see through everything
To the secrets that you'll never tell

The pain you keep inside is taking over you

Where's your honesty
The truth is something that we never see
Track Name: The Truth
Its funny how the ground is pulled
Out from underneath us, leaving us just floating here

We only live to die
We're only awake to sleep
But in our dreams we find
The mind is more real than anything

A heart so pure never fades away
In your eyes I can see it living on
Its hard to forgive such a cruel psycho
The truth never comes quietly
Track Name: Crimes
If you only knew the part of me that I could never show
Would you still confide in me, I don't deserve you
I'm darker than you know
These are the lies that I will have to answer for
These are the reasons I'll never be the man you want

Don't look me in the eye
I'll always break your gaze
You'll see all of the things I hide

This is it, I'm tired of feeling ashamed of myself
But I can't come to terms with
The way I dragged your name through the mud
So I could feel better for a moment

It was only a moment

Don't want to be the only one
Who lives their lives ashamed of love
Track Name: Unspoken
All I want is to be needed
All I need is to be forgotten
I guess we'll never truly know
I guess we'll never know

Why the closer we are, the further away it feels
The more that I know, I'm more aware that I don't
Track Name: Transitions
This is my last farewell to you
Before I leave this town for better days
Forget the things you said to me
Because I won't let you win
I refuse to be buried here
Knowing that I never went anywhere

Tonight I take the long way home
I just need some time to clear my head
If I forget these restless nights
What's left to motivate me?

I watch your car pull away
And I'm alone with all these thoughts
As I'm staring at your license plate thats when it starts to set in
I was ashamed of my home, now I think its all I ever had
And I'll never forget what it meant to me
When you said

Don't be afraid
When the streetlights go out in this town
You'll find your way back home
Track Name: Silent Resolution
We thought we crashed the party
But the party's crashing us
Like the first bite of Eden
We're guilty of feeling alive

Blind by understanding
The mouth that never stops
Silent resolution

We thought we crashed the party
But the party's crashing us
We follow light with eyes closed
And never stop

Our lives are so dependable
(So the truth is)
Get by, its all expendable

As you were saying, another broke head
Please continue, and never ask again
Track Name: Out of Reach
I've had a few to drink
I'll talk to anyone about anything
But I didn't know we'd get so deep
Maybe in another time

Why am I lying here in the right place, wrong time by your side?
Who am I leading on, you're right, I'm wrong its a matter of time

Its far beyond our reach
With all these uncertainties
I feel like a drop of water in the ocean
Who said it was impossible to fall off a mountain

A blank page stares me to speak
But I would rather sleep than convert saints into non-believers
The universe is noise and no one's listening
These buzzing flies sound like a symphony
A tribute to my anxieties

When I quiet my mind it feels so right
All we are is fading light

Why am I lying here? Who am I leading on?
(All we are is fading light)